Five Themes of the Pentateuch: The World

In the previous article, the immanence and transcendence of God were discussed. This lesson will focus on God’s creative work in the world. Dr. Norman Geisler has suggested that God’s immanence and transcendence could be thought of as who God is (his attributes) and creation could be viewed as what God does (his activity).[1] God’s [...]

Five Themes of the Pentateuch: God

God’s immanence (nearness) and transcendence (distance) speak of his relationship to his creation. They should not be thought of as attributes of God. Rather, they should be seen as aspects of God’s being that cut across his various attributes. These two ideas must be kept in balance, and each must be seen in light of [...]

Assembly, Body & Bride: The Transformed

The author of Hebrews identifies the church as a people caught up in what God is doing. At first, the prophets spoke of Jesus in the Old Testament, then Jesus fulfilled what they predicted, then the apostles and other early believers attested to that truth. Finally, God has continued the testimony through the church, verifying [...]