Have We Forgotten?

by Miss Dawn Rutan The movie “The Lion King”is an interesting allegory for life. As I’m sure you remember, Scar arranges for the death of Mufasa, and then convinces Simba that it is his fault and that he should run away rather than facing the penalty. We’ve been deceived by our own sin or the [...]

Will You do the Write Thing?

Every year I receive a box of books (about 24 in all) that I have agreed to read and critique for a Christian book judging organization. I love to read so this is not a big deal. For some it would be as I have to read them within about three months. I actually look [...]

Knowing Our Stuff

by Rev. Jefferson Vann If there is anything worse than ignorance, it is planned ignorance. When a store hires employees who know nothing about the products they sell, the customers feel frustrated.  When people come to church and are left feeling that its members know nothing about God or the Christian faith, they feel justified [...]