Salvation: The Concept of Atonement

Some explain the concept of atonement by saying that sin separates us from God, and what Jesus did on the cross caused us to be at-one with him again. Atonement is at-one-ment. This is fairly accurate, but it fails to really answer the above questions of why and how that is true. To get to [...]

Salvation: The Choice

The issue of personal salvation involves a number of questions. The temptation will be to narrowly define the issue so that only certain questions are studied – particularly if the student is tied to a certain theological tradition. Those with inclinations toward the Reformed or Wesleyan-Arminian tradition will be most interested in the “who” question. [...]

Conditional Immortality & Salvation

I do not for a moment believe and would ever say that one cannot be saved without believing in conditional immortality. I do, however, know that what you believe about conditional immortality touches on many issues intimately related with our salvation. Conditional immortality affects how we understand Scripture, human nature, Sin and its penalty, death, [...]