Swept Away

In this article, Rev. Jefferson Vann discusses a fourth Old Testament word for final punishment that implies literal destruction. We conditionalists are often accused of using words like “destruction” in a simplistic, non-biblical sense. But in the three previous articles, I have examined the Old Testament Hebrew concepts of חרם (charam),[1] אבד (abad)[2] and שחת [...]

Spoiling the Vineyard

In this article, Rev. Jefferson Vann explains a Hebrew term for hell that reflects the idea of a spoiled vineyard. In this series of studies on hell, so far we have examined two Old Testament terms that help explain the biblical warnings about hell and describe its nature. We looked at the term חרם in [...]

Conditional Immortality & Salvation

I do not for a moment believe and would ever say that one cannot be saved without believing in conditional immortality. I do, however, know that what you believe about conditional immortality touches on many issues intimately related with our salvation. Conditional immortality affects how we understand Scripture, human nature, Sin and its penalty, death, [...]