The Destinies: Destiny of the Lost

The Destiny of the Lost 1. THE LOST WILL SUFFER SHAME AND REJECTION. The lost will suffer public shame at having their sinful lives exposed on the judgment day. Those who have pretended to be believers will be exposed as the imposters they are.[1] Those who have trusted in other ways of salvation will discover [...]

The Destinies: Destiny of the Saved

John The apostle John had a way of taking ultimate reality and boiling it down to simple statements that captured its essence. For example, he divided the whole of the human race into two categories – two destinies. He said “Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does [...]

The Timing: At the Second Coming

There are five events prophesied as occurring at and as an immediate result of the second coming of Christ. These are the eschatological events which are next on the historical horizon. As such, they are tremendously important, and should not be trivialized. Many churches preach about these events, but seem to emphasize other things. The [...]

The Timing: Before the Second Coming

To quote the previous article "The Advents": "Rather than being a singular event, the first advent was an entire era, consisting of a series of events in which the Holy Spirit prepared the world for its Savior, who had come. It is not unreasonable to suggest that the second advent will be a similar inter-related [...]