Assembly, Body & Bride: The Voice

John’s Revelation describes (among other things) the conflict that believers will have in this age before Christ’s return. He depicts that conflict as a battle between them and a great dragon, representing Satan. John reveals that the battle will be won by Christ. Christ will return and depose the great dragon from his usurped place [...]

Assembly, Body & Bride: The Gathered

After Israel was scattered throughout the nations as part of their punishment for rejecting the Lord, the prophets began to predict that God would restore them to himself. The scattered people would become the gathered people. God would redeem them and would call on the nations to restore them to himself: “I will say to [...]

Assembly, Body & Bride: The Transformed

The author of Hebrews identifies the church as a people caught up in what God is doing. At first, the prophets spoke of Jesus in the Old Testament, then Jesus fulfilled what they predicted, then the apostles and other early believers attested to that truth. Finally, God has continued the testimony through the church, verifying [...]