About “Henceforth …”

[“Henceforth …” is] a means of sharing what we are thinking theologically about the questions people are asking.

– Rev. Jefferson Vann, “Calling Advent Christian Thinkers”

“Henceforth …” is a publication of the Advent Christian General Conference (ACGC). However, the individual opinions expressed in this journal do not represent necessarily the thinking of either the editorial board or ACGC.

Comments or questions can be directed to acpub@acgc.us.

Other Publications by ACGC:

Advent Christian Booklet

A booklet that provides at-a-glance information on our denomination.

The Blessed Hope Catechism

With 160 questions and answers, this book is designed to help families train their children in godliness.

The Witness

Our flagship denominational magazine is published quarterly.

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