Salvation: Sanctification

The process by which the Holy Spirit applies the sovereign election of the Father and the atoning sacrifice of the Son to the life of every true believer is sometimes called sanctification. It is tempting to define sanctification as the results of the Holy Spirit’s blowing around – in other words, the damage caused by [...]

Salvation: Substitutionary Atonement & Regeneration

In a very real sense, Christ took our place on the cross. Humanity rightly deserved to die, and to die horribly for sinful thoughts, rebellion against God, and as a consequence of our actions. Enter Jesus. The Prophet Isaiah explained what the cross would be 700 years before it happened. He put it this way: [...]

Conditional Immortality & Salvation

I do not for a moment believe and would ever say that one cannot be saved without believing in conditional immortality. I do, however, know that what you believe about conditional immortality touches on many issues intimately related with our salvation. Conditional immortality affects how we understand Scripture, human nature, Sin and its penalty, death, [...]