Anthropology: To Be Human


(Looking Ahead to issue XLI/1)

by Rev. Jefferson Vann

The Spring 2015 issue will feature articles about the nature of humanity. We are looking for articles describing human nature.

  • In the past, Advent Christians have debated the question of the components of human beings (whether we are best described as bipartite or tripartite, or something else. Articles on that question (and/or its current significance) are welcomed.
  • Perhaps someone would like to explain how the Bible presents the question of race or ethnic identity?
  • At least one article will be included that defends the concept of gender equality in ministry. Perhaps someone would like to propose and defend the concept of complementarianism?
  • In this issue, we included a position paper by Rev. Steve Brown, which he presented at the 2014 Eastern Regional Convention on the subject of church based leader development. We continue to welcome such contributions that reflect what Advent Christians are currently thinking, regardless of the topic.
  • What are you reading? Reviews of current books or web posts are always welcome.

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