HENCEFORTH… meets Afterlife

This issue of “Henceforth… ” journal features articles previously published in Afterlife website and “From Death to Life” magazine.These are publications of the Conditional Immortality Association of New Zealand (CIANZ).They focus primarily on the doctrinal topics of conditionalism: the exclusive immortality of God, conditional immortality, the unconscious intermediate state, the resurrection at Christ’s return, and the ultimate destruction (annihilation) of the lost. I first came across these publications while teaching at Oro Bible College in the Philippines. Like “Henceforth …  ” I found them helpful as resources for training my Advent Christian students in ministry.

The CIANZ includes leaders of our Advent Christian Conference of New Zealand, and have been long term supporters of Advent Christian missions. My friendship with David Burge, past editor of Afterlife, solidified during his visits with short-term mission trips and our reunions at ACGC conventions. In 2009, when David discovered that he had Leukemia, he asked my wife, Penny, and me to join the pastoral staff of his church in Auckland. It was our honor to help David and the Takanini church through that transition. We were sent as missionaries with ACGC in February, 2010. David also asked me to take over his role as editor for CIANZ, and I was thrilled to do so. I have continued serving in that capacity since returning to the United States in 2011.

Over the years, these CIANZ publications have given us many significant resources that contribute to the conditionalist cause. We, at “Henceforth … ” want to introduce these publications and promote them, particularly among our North American readers. “Henceforth … ” began in the 1970s as a “journal for Advent Christian thought.” Our hope is that this issue will show our readers what Advent Christians are thinking on other parts of the planet.

Today’s technologies allow us to share our thoughts more quickly and comprehensively. In the interest of doing that, we are introducing the Henceforth blog. The blog will feature each issue’s introduction, a list of current articles and snippets from the articles (spread out over time), and an outline of the theme for the next issue. It is a new means of advertising, which, we hope will lead to more contributors and more readers of the full printed edition. By syndicating the blog on various social networks, we can ensure maximum exposure of the journal’s content.

“Henceforth … ” is a tool that can help Advent Christians as they do theology, ministry and leader development. Our hope is that more and more preachers, teachers and churches will discover the value of this tool.

“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend” (Proverbs 27:17 NLT).


Jefferson Vann


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