calling Advent Christian thinkers


Advent Christian General Conference has a theological journal – a means of sharing what we are thinking theologically about the questions people are asking.  I’m inviting you to share your thoughts through Henceforth.

You can access past issues through our downloads page.  This will give you an idea of the kinds of works we have published in the past.  Henceforth is neither a devotional, like Maranatha, nor is it a church ministry magazine like the Advent Christian Witness.  It is a journal for theological study and ministry discourse.

The Fall 2013 issue of Henceforth… begins a series of eleven issues, each highlighting a major locus of systematic theology. This is a call for articles for Volume XXXIX, number 2, covering the topics and questions associated with prolegomena: introducing the purpose, role and methods of doing theology. The following bullets might suggest a possible article to contribute for this issue:

  • What is theology?
  • Is theology important for the normal Christian?
  • Debate: Biblical Theology is better than systematic theology (Pro/Con).
  • What is the theme of the entire Bible?
  • The content of the Gospel: Is it best explained by doctrines, symbols or experiences?
  • History: What authors and theological works most shaped Advent Christian thought?
  • How does theology fit into the disciple making process?

To be considered for the print version, articles for that issue should be submitted by November 1st, 2013. Submit your articles by email to me at the address below. Identify yourself with a short biographical section, and format all references as footnotes. Other formatting will be done by ACGC Department of Communications.

Other possible features of this issue:

  • reviews of new books authored by Advent Christians.
  • lists of resources and training materials recommended for Advent Christian churches.
  • letters to the editor, responding to articles in previous issues.

Looking ahead to later issues, here are the themes:

Spring 2014:  bibliology – how the truth is revealed

Fall 2014:  theology proper – who and what God truly is

Spring 2015:  anthropology – the truth about humanity

Fall 2015: hamartiology – the truth about sin

If you are wondering whether or where your study might qualify, send it in!  The content remains your property. You are simply giving us the privilege to share it online and through print. Other Advent Christians are waiting to read what you have been thinking.

Jefferson Vann, editor

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